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Why Bella?

Back in college, my mom worked for a local bookstore and I was amazed at the markup of wholesale prices. One of the main questions I asked myself again and again was, “if somebody could sell that stuff at a more affordable price, why weren't they doing it? With that question, I began to dream about opening up my own clothing boutique providing affordable clothing without sacrificing style and trend.

My husband and I moved to the Nashville area so he could finish school at Vanderbilt, and I knew this was my time to open up an online store selling quality, hand-picked clothing and accessories.

We started a family, and now as a mom of 4 boys, I wanted my collection to offer a variety of clothing fit for any wardrobe, appealing to a range of people from college students to fashion-savvy moms like me.

My dream for BellaBlu is to grow, open up a store location, and continue selling fashionable clothes for those of us who are dedicated to looking our best on a budget.


Get the Boho Chic Look

Get the Boho Chic Look

Looking to get that bohemian chic style, but not sure where to start? Our friends at Bucks & Does share some practical tips on how to dress bohemian, while keeping that sophisticated style.
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