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4 New Things to Try in 2017

03 Jan, 2017

4 New Things to Try in 2017

4 New Things to Try in 2017

Can you believe how fast a year flies by? It seems like we blinked and 2017 is right around the corner. With the end of a year comes with the excitement of a brand new year filled with new experiences and adventures.

New year, new you? Right?

Well, we have somewhat of a different approach to this oh so popular new year philosophy. It simply begins with starting something new. We wanted to offer you some ideas to pursue in the new year to refresh your mind with experiences that are new and fulfilling.

1. Bullet Journal

You may not be a super planner, but the bullet journal can be beneficial to anyone with a schedule (which most of us have.) This interactive planner not only allows you to be creative with your to-do list, but help you set new goals. Then, you can go back and check them off when you’re done. Pinterest has thousands of examples you can go off of. All you need is a journal or planner and some pens!

2. Set a Workout Goal

It seems like exercising or losing weight is a part of everyone’s new years resolution. Making a goal for yourself is much better than rushing into a super intense workout plan (that, let’s be honest, may not last.) So, our suggestion is to start simple. If you like running, train for a local 5k benefitting an organization, then start a long term goal, like train for a 10k or half marathon. Or, start yoga twice a week and then after a few weeks, go up to 3 times a week. Remember, you have to start somewhere.

3. Try new recipes

Getting into cooking can be a wonderful new hobby you get into this holiday season. Whether you try a new cookie recipe or a date night dinner, here’s some great blogs with different recipes to try out for any occasion. - Variety of recipes for baking and cooking - Health focused recipe blog (Check out this gingerbread cookie recipe pictured below!)

4. Go Somewhere New 

By car or by plane, visiting a new city allows for a new experience and a fantastic getaway with friends or family. Some ideas of places to visit - New York City, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta or any city that you’ve been wishing to go to but haven’t gotten the chance. Here are a few tips for your getaway:

  • Plan ahead - You can get cheap flights a few months in advance, so plan your getaway early to get the best deals.
  • - Check out Airbnb for worldwide lodging accommodations, they’re affordable too.
  • Bring a friend or family member - travel buddies are the best, take one with you on your exciting adventure.


We wish you a Happy New Year from Bella Blu. Cheers to new things!



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