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6 Ways to Give Your Morning Routine a Facelift

02 Feb, 2017

6 Ways to Give Your Morning Routine a Facelift

 6 Ways to Give Your Morning Routine a Facelift 

It’s hard to believe that tweaking the way you do things in the morning can change the effectiveness of your day. Not only this, but changes to your morning can help benefit your perspective and productivity during the day.

Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but don’t worry, follow a few of these tips and you’ll completely forget you woke up on the wrong side. Refresh your morning with a few small changes and then add more to start developing morning habits.

  1. Take your Vitamins - Boost your immune system with Vitamin C or take a daily multivitamin. Either way, your body will thank you later.
  2. Sip a Hot Drink - Slow down your morning from the rush of getting out the door and brew a pot of coffee or a cup of tea for yourself. 
  3. Try a New Breakfast Recipe - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But really, it is. Try a quick and easy recipe from Pinterest; once you find something you like, keep making it. Eating a hearty breakfast really does help your metabolism.
  4. Stretch - Before you walk out of the door in the morning, bend over and touch your toes or do a few arm circles. Loosening your muscles before you start your day can help you and your muscles be more awake. 
  5. Goals + Gratitude  - Maybe you’re not a “to-do list person,” but beginning each day with writing a few goals, whether that is errands or work you have to get done, they are more likely to be completed if you jot them down first. Switch it up a few days of the week with writing three statements of gratitude. We can promise you a change of perspective and productivity.
  6. Dress for Success - Alright ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Even if you aren’t going to work, getting ready for the day such as doing your hair and putting a little lipstick on can boost how you feel about yourself and how your day is going to be.

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